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Creating Communication Customers Crave for greatest Xceleration in Your Business

Every business needs to know how to effectively acquire and retain customers. At Content Marketing Queen, we bring Content + Marketing to you, and we add the magic element of providing a great Customer Experience, all in the one place. Content + Marketing + Customer Experience = Xceleration in Your Business! Michelle Peterson Clark is the Founder and CEO of Content Marketing Queen. After many years of trial and error she has realised that in order to succeed you need a reason to jump out of bed every morning. For her this means writing daily, and coaching small business owners one on one and through workshop training. Her copywriting business has evolved to specialise in the area of Content Marketing that assists businesses to gain and keep their ideal customers. From here The Content Marketing Queen was born. She is a successful coach and mentor to small business owners working to develop fantastic customer service using the latest Content Marketing strategies from Australia and overseas. She runs various programs, including the high intensity, end-to-end Content Marketing Xcelerator, and workshops all over Australia.

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