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Our company has a passion for uncovering great stories. We are unlike any other company in our business because we have a system and process that is unique and exclusive to Brand Story Experts. We have spent over 20 years building this process and the last 5 years fine tuning it. The best part about it … is that it works. Our Brand Story telling process enables businesses to define their core components of their brand – and share them — in a way that connects, resonates and inspires. From the way your logo appears to the exact message that we want your Brand Story Film to send, we map it all out from the process. In fact, we have a methodology for telling our stories in everything we do to make sure that everything contributes to your brand story. One aspect that we are most proud about is what our exclusive Brand Story telling process does for our client’s culture. The Brand Stories we develop create clarity, confidence and contribution — inside and outside the organization. That way employees, management, customers and clients will all connect with who you really are – inspiring them to join in and be a part of your Brand Story. Our process takes the misery out of transparency, by enabling businesses to have fun being real. Because let’s face it, there is nothing worse than a business who pretends to be something they are not. Our team is focused on making sure that your business becomes known as the realest of the real … and the best of the best. Because the best companies don’t just talk about it … THEY ARE ABOUT IT.

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS, CULTURE, and PARTICIPATION Our signature Brand Story Development Process is an absolute GAME CHANGER for your brand. We begin by uncovering the most inspiring aspects of your brand, next we summarize these findings into a clear and concise story and then we develop an engaging content plan designed to promote and educate using the supporting storylines. Our process is unique to BSE and is centered around trademarked principles that fuel relationships, culture, and participation. No canned programs, no templated ideas … our program is 100% customized around your story.

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