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Location:   B2 5DP, United Kingdom
About Blam Websites & Apps Ltd

The Blam partnership programme enables budding entrepreneurs to discover their potential fulfilling their destiny to running their own digital marketing business. Our growing team now consists of expert designers, marketing professionals and business consultants based in Birmingham in the UK. There is a great mix of skills and personalities, but above all, we get on well and enjoy coming to work each day, which we all know helps a lot! We strive to maintain our company culture which we're all committed to and is verbalised in our core values. This internal ethos guides us to work together as a team to surpass the expectations of our clients, help colleagues when they are working towards their goals, and provide the best support to our partners. Our aim is to continually evolve the products and services we offer so that every one of our clients gets a fantastic return on investment whilst helping small businesses grow.

Our mission is to become the worlds largest supplier of website and mobile apps for small businesses.

Our partnership programme is the vehicle to create successful tech entrepreneurs across the globe, whilst giving a competitive edge to small businesses worldwide. We provide our partners with their very own website and app design business, set up and ready to go within days of making their initial investment. All of our websites and apps are built by our team of professional designers. Full sales training and business support are provided by our expert business consultants which means that our partners don't need any design or sales skills to become a Blam Partner.

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