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Facebook & Instagram Advertising Agency ***2018 Winners of Best Use of Facebook at the Australian Social Media Marketing Awards***

***2018 Winners of Best Use of Facebook at the Australian Social Media Marketing Awards**** “Finally, an agency that specialises in just one thing.” – said by everyone who’s used a digital agency that pretends to do everything but does most of it badly. We aren’t one of those ‘expert’ agencies that try to do everything. We do one thing only – and do it really well. BidPixel does Facebook & Instagram Advertising management, optimisation and auditing and that’s it. Nothing else, don’t even ask. We manage Facebook and Instagram advertising for brands as we believe in reaching the consumer where they are. We do not push, we are slow to sell and our messaging leads from a consumer-frst form of social proof. With the advertising industry traditionally leading their sales messaging with How and What, the digital consumer market is quickly turning to ad-block. Ad-block is not a platform, or even a website browser extension. Ad-block is where subconsciously, consumers are tuning out of the ‘over here’, ‘buy me’, ‘I’m awesome just ask me’ sales messaging, preferring rather, to focus on social proof to sell a product or service to them. That’s where BidPixel starts with the ‘Why’ and that’s the reason why our advertising is effective across nearly ever sector whether our clients are selling products/services orgenerating leads.

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