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We Grow & Develop Businesses Online Helping Them Understand Their ROI

They Develop & Grow Businesses Online, Expanding Digital Footprint & ROI Michael is from the great white north of Minnesota. The reason we mention this should tell you something about how we run our business. Call him crazy, but he still believes in the handshake agreement. This is how Michael’s grandfather did business and it is how he runs 51Blocks. Michael doesn’t do contracts, and he will never try to lock clients into any kind of agreement they don’t want to be in. The last thing he wants is you stuck doing business with someone you don’t want to do business with. He sticks to these values, and he only works with folks who do the same. They believe in transparency. Transparency can be a tall order these days, and we do not believe in hiding things from our clients. We are completely transparent with all the work that we do. In your monthly reports, we break down your progress benchmark by benchmark. You will see the tasks completed in the previous month, as well as the work we will be completing in the upcoming month, along with data from any and all relevant sources. We want you to feel completely comfortable with the work we are doing, and we want you to know know how every single one of your marketing dollars is spent. They help clients and agencies get more traffic, more leads, and more sales. 51Blocks uses tried and tested processes to make sure you know how every single one of your marketing dollars is spent. At 51Blocks, they aren’t just SEO experts. At heart, everyone on the team is passionate about marketing, both in philosophy and in practice. They understand the important relationship between a business and its customers. Their goal is to be more than your marketing firm, they want to be your partners. Their proven methodology will help you understand your true cost per lead, and lower that over time.

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