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About 3outcomes

3outcomes.com was developed by Meredith Sasseen in 2001 as a way to increase depth and meaning and, most importantly, the results of her coaching and contribution to marketers, sales professionals and entrepreneurs. Over the years the system has evolved to include on-site training and materials, coaching systems for entrepreneurs as well as the setting of KPI's.

Meredith is a former research analyst at Jupiter Research, now a business consultant specializing in Analytics & Digital Marketing. Meredith (Medland) Sasseen exploded onto to the internet advertising sales scene in the 90’s at Tribune Digital Media and quickly caught the attention of large advertisers, who were not only reaching for a greater share of the growing market but striving to capture progressive, affluent customers with unique campaigns. She founded the third community of internet advertisers and agencies in the US in 1998 when she launched and became President of the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association. (CIMA) Meredith’s drive, creativity, and focus caught the attention of her employers, The Sharper Image, and ad:Tech (the world’s largest internet conference.) In the two decades that followed, Meredith went on to launch new brands and create extraordinary campaigns that produced results. During her tenure at Jupiter Media as a Director and Analyst, the company went public, a few years late she continued opening up her own consulting and speaking business, 3 Outcomes. Now a Google Analytics-Certified Business Strategist and Business Coach, she has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek as well as on CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC. As a trusted contributor of her industry, Meredith has been a member of the National Speakers Association, captivating audiences in the thousands with her educational presentations at industry events such as ad:Tech, Women In Technology and the Global Hapkido Conference. Meredith has her ear to the ground and an eye on the future, helping her clients arrive ahead of competitors and saturate even elite markets, An intuitive listener, visionary and quick decision maker, Meredith Sasseen is a sought after as a trend analyst and business coach for entrepreneurs and progressive businesses who want rapid exponential change while launching new brands that succeed, every time. She ensures that her clients are not only seen and heard but respected and empowered. Today, Meredith is uniquely qualified to coach and present, resolve conflicts and communicate ideas with clarity and style.

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