Launch A PROFITABLE Facebook Ad Campaign in Five Days (or less)...

Is your product great, but no one knows it exists? By the time you're finished with this 3-part mini-class, you'll have a Facebook ad campaign that gets you high-quality traffic and leads who are primed and ready to buy whatever you're selling...

Here's What's Inside

Part 1

5 Elements of a High-Converting Ad Campaign


Get at least 2 out of 5 of these elements right in your campaign and you'll be successful at this "traffic" thing.

Part 2

Facebook Targeting Checklist


What's the use in creating a beautiful ad if you show it to the wrong people? Download our Facebook Targeting Checklist and deploy it in your market.

Part 3

Launching Your Campaign


Why go at it alone? Molly will show you exactly which buttons to click inside of Facebook to actually LAUNCH your campaign... and start seeing results!

Meet Your Instructor

Molly Pittman is a digital marketing expert and educator. She is the co-host of Perpetual Traffic, a digital marketing podcast that has been downloaded 3mm+ times. She has certified thousands of marketers in paid traffic and customer acquisition. She is the Co-Founder of, providing 1v1 coaching and consulting to help businesses grow through digital channels.

Molly started her career as an intern at in 2012, excelling to VP of Marketing in 2014, a position she held until 2017, when she started her own consulting agency. At DigitalMarketer, Molly personally spent $8mm+ on paid traffic channels like Facebook, Google, and Twitter while maintaining a positive return on investment.