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How to Architect a One-Page Annual Growth Plan

Guarantee 2019 Will Be Your Biggest and Best Year Yet By Crafting a Detailed Plan for Growing Your Business... Without Sacrificing Time and Energy

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When: December 4th, 2018 | 9:30am CST

Meet Your Instructors


Ryan Deiss & Richard Lindner, Co-Founders

Why Should You Attend This Workshop?

Put simply: If you don't make a plan, then (without realizing it) you are planning to FAIL.

In this brand new workshop, DigitalMarketer Co-Founders Ryan Deiss and Richard Lindner, will walk you through the exact same 5-step annual planning process deployed at DigitalMarketer.

You'll receive a treasure trove of DigitalMarketer's in-house, proprietary resources to outline your goals, establish why those goals are important, and develop a plan for reaching those goals and growing your business in 2019.

By the end of this workshop, you'll have a one-page document you can share with your entire team that will clarify meaningful & achievable goals for your business, the steps you need to take to get there, and the metrics you need to measure along the way to ensure you're on track for your biggest year to date.

What Will You Learn (& What Will You GET)?

  • The 5-Step Annual Planning Process we follow at DigitalMarketer
  • The One-Page Annual Growth Plan Worksheet that clarifies your goal and LITERALLY gets everyone on the same page towards achieving that goal
  • The 90-Day Game Plan Worksheet template that keeps you on track and establishes a framework for mid-year "course corrections"
  • The 3 types of "Growth Goals" and how to know which one is right for you and your business
  • How to leverage a Product/Channel Grid to find revenue gaps and untapped potential in your business
  • The exact metrics you need to measure and review on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • PLUS, fill-in-the-blank templates and worksheets that make the planning process fun, fast, and easy

How is This Workshop Different?

Our History

You Learn. We Give.

For the past 5 years, DigitalMarketer has been on a mission to make Black Friday about more than just getting a good deal on a flat screen TV. And we're not going to let the fact that we're doing this workshop a little later this year get in the way of that.

Our mission is simple. We want to transform "Black Friday," one of the most painfully consumeristic days of the year, into a day of learning and GIVING.

That's why we're we are donating 100% of the proceeds from this workshop, "How to Architect a One-Page Annual Growth Plan," to TWO different charities! Both charities are focused on working to combat childhood cancer in different, but equally important, ways.

DM Staff Presenting Ceremonial Check to Charities in 2017


Last year was a milestone for DigitalMarketer. "Black Friday Bootcamp" (as we previously called it) officially became the longest-running virtual marketing conference and we couldn't have been prouder!

Because of people like you we were able to donate over $75,000 to two great charities!

DM Staff Presenting Ceremonial Check to Charities in 2016


The 7th annual Black Friday Bootcamp was a HUGE success. As DigitalMarketer grew in size, so did our contribution. We were able to donate well over $60,000 to our favorite charities while teaching workshop attendees all about scaling every aspect of their business in the coming year!

DM Staff Presenting Ceremonial Check to Charities in 2015


For the second year in a row, we were able to raise $50,000 to help combat childhood cancer! This was a big deal around the DigitalMarketer office and is still considered one of the crowning achievements in the history of this organization.

DM Staff Presenting Ceremonial Check to Charities in 2014


Just 4 years ago, DigitalMarketer was about ⅕ the size it is today. That didn't stop us from hitting our (at the time) lofty goal of donating $50,000 to our favorite charities.

Our goal for 2018 is to raise $100,000 for the two phenomenal organizations below. Will you help us achieve our goal and eliminate childhood cancer once and for all?

Where Does the Money Go?

Jaxon's Frog Foundation Logo

Jaxon's Frog Foundation

The mission at Jaxon's FROG Foundation is to bring comfort, courage and smiles to children fighting cancer through providing toys, games, blankets (for the cold chemotherapy treatment rooms), fun excursions and more.

Battle for a Cure Foundation Logo

Battle for a Cure Foundation

The Battle for a Cure Foundation's mission is to enrich the lives of children fighting cancer by raising funds for scientific research and clinical trials to discover advanced treatments for childhood cancers and to potentially find a cure.

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We have a lot to be thankful for. 2018 has been a great year for us at DigitalMarketer (and we hope it was for you too 🙂).

We're happy to share what's been working for us as a sincere gesture of gratitude and appreciation. After all, 'tis the season to pay it forward and give back to the community.

Join us for this brand new workshop from DigitalMarketer Co-Founders Ryan Deiss and Richard Lindner to get a concrete plan for growing your business in 2019 (and beyond) and know that you'll be making a difference in the battle to end childhood cancer!