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Marketing Agency Churn Report 2023
Marketing Agency Churn Report 2023

What's In The Report?

2022 was not an easy year, we will explore the crucial topic of churn and its profound impact on agency growth. By understanding the different categories of churn causes you can strategically address each area to reduce client attrition and foster agency growth.

Importance of Churn for Agency Growth

Churn is a critical metric for agencies, representing the quality of their product, service, and customers.

Categorizing Churn Causes

Churn can be categorized into four main areas: Expectations, Communication, Product/Service, and External Factors.

Challenges in Researching Churn

Researching churn can be challenging, particularly for smaller agencies with limited data.

Factors Impacting Churn

Several factors have a significant impact on churn, including experience, owner account management, services offered (e.g., PPC, SEO, Facebook ads), contracts, and client requirements.

Reduce Churn & Increase Profits

Get the data you need to optimize your marketing efforts in 2023.
Marketing Agency Churn Report 2023