Content Marketing Hiring Guide

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Your Step-By-Step Hiring Kit for Recruiting, Selecting, & Training a Successful Content Marketer

  • The 10 essential content marketing positions every company needs to create stellar content, along with our 5-step "Job Posting Builder" you can use to craft the perfect content marketing job description every time
  • The 8 best websites to advertise your job posting (you'll also learn which sites are best for entry-level positions, freelance positions, and full-time professionals)
  • 7 critical interview questions you should ask every candidate to make sure you hire a content marketing rockstar (along with 2-3 follow-up questions for each)
  • The secret to training your new hires into a well-oiled content marketing machine... without even leaving the office

When we needed to build out our content marketing team, these are the exact same steps we took to make sure we hired the right content marketers the first time. Now you can donload the guide to follow our exact step-by-step process!

-Ryan Deiss, Co-Founder & CEO,

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