The 6-Step Facebook Messenger Bot Builder


The 6-Step Facebook Messenger Bot Builder

A Step-by-Step Guide for Building a "Set It & Forget It" Facebook Messenger Bot Sequence That Drives Traffic and Sales... 24/7, 365

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What is 'The 6-Step Facebook Messenger Bot Builder'?

A Secret Strategy for Mastering the "Marketing Channel of the Future" to Blow the Top Off Your Revenue Goals & Get a Jump on the Competition

  • Leverage this emerging platform to connect with your audience in a way they're comfortable with: using short, conversational messages that are delivered instantly.
  • From "what are messenger bots?" to proven strategies for acquiring new conversations, we'll walk through the step-by-step process of creating a Facebook Messenger bot sequence that engages, informs, and converts your new traffic into leads and sales...

6 Quick Steps to Creating Eye-Catching, Engaging, and Effective Messenger Bot Sequences

  • Discover the 6 steps to quickly creating a messenger bot sequence that converts...even if you've never written copy or "programmed" a bot before.
  • Learn the 5 elements of engaging messenger bot conversations, and how to implement them in your campaign to hook your audience.

A Proven Method for Connecting with Your Audience, Acquiring Leads for Your Business, and Converting Those Leads Into New Customers

  • Use Messenger bots for any type of business, whether you are selling a physical product, driving leads to pick up the phone, or peddling SaaS and information products.
  • Employ DigitalMarketer's "Before & After Grid" template to articulate your goals for your messenger bot campaign and make writing the copy for your bot sequence as easy as "fill-in-the-blank + SEND."
Laptop: The 6-Step Facebook Messenger Bot Builder

The 6-Step Facebook Messenger Bot Builder – DigitalMarketer

The Most Profitable Skill In Marketing's
New Frontier

This new marketing channel is growing rapidly and completely changing the way customers interact with brands.

Facebook reported that more than one in two people say they're more likely to shop with a business they can message, and 67% of people expect to message businesses more in the next two years.

And with over 2 BILLION monthly active users, Facebook would know.

It's how people are communicating with family and friends. A large portion of our society prefers to communicate via a messenger with quick responses.

By learning how to leverage Messenger bots the right way, you'll stand head-and-shoulders above your competitors — because you're reaching people where their attention is already focused...

...With an engaging and completely automated message sequence that requires ZERO extra time and effort on your part.

Messenger marketing is the future. What you have to decide is whether to embrace that future...or let it embrace you when it's far too late to capitalize on this revolutionary new Marketing channel.

Put simply: Adapt... or waste your valuable time while losing business to your competition.

What's Inside The 6-Step Facebook Messenger Bot Builder?

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Copy Concepts

Architect a Compelling Conversation That Drives Leads & Sales 24 hours a Day

  • Learn the 5 qualities of a highly persuasive Messenger campaign AND a few tips for baking them into your message sequence
  • From writing rough drafts to editing for the 5 "Elements of a Great Messenger Bot Conversation", this guide takes you through the entire writing and editing process from start to finish.
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Step-By-Step Process

Build A High-Converting Messenger Bot Campaign, One Quick & Easy Step At a Time

  • We walk you through the 6-step process of writing and "programming" a Messenger Bot campaign and how to put it all together to make it work for your brand
  • The one page fill-in-the-blank "Before & After Grid" that maps out your messenger bot conversation in minutes, not hours...and certainly not days.
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Growth Tools

The Art of Growing Your Customer Base Through Automated Messaging

  • Discover how to seamlessly move your viewer through the entire Customer Journey from introduction to call to action.. All while using an automated messaging sequence
  • The secret to being able to tell a fascinating story AND selling a product or service all through a bot? AUTHENTICITY. In this Execution Plan, you'll learn brand new strategies for making your bot feel as though your customer is talking to a real human
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The 6-Step Facebook Messenger Bot Builder
Laptop: The 6-Step Facebook Messenger Bot Builder


  • DigitalMarketer's one page fill-in-the-blank "Before & After Grid" template
  • 6 Quick Steps To Creating Eye-Catching, Engaging, and Effective Messenger bot campaigns
  • The 5 qualities of a highly persuasive Messenger campaign that hooks readers right away