The $10 a Day Traffic Plan


The $10 a Day Traffic Plan

How To Leverage Facebook To Quickly (And Cheaply) Launch, Test And Scale Your Traffic Campaigns

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What is 'The $10 a Day Traffic Plan'?

A 21-Step Paid Traffic Plan Roll Out Plan

This is a proven plan to help you quickly roll out new traffic campaigns so you can identify winners... but more importantly, identify the losers that are costing you money.

A Method For Attracting Leads/Customers at Any Stage Of The Funnel

Identify your hooks, audiences, and exactly how to message each of them.

Includes Our 6-Step 'Value First' Strategy to Turn Cold Prospects Into Brand Advocates

If you don't provide value, your ad will be overlooked and your relevance score will drop. That will cost more money, do this to spend less & convert more.

Step-By-Step Course With...

4 hours and 53 minutes of video training, and 5 downloadable resources dedicated to creating your ad campaign.

Computer: The $10 a Day Traffic Plan

The $10 a Day Traffic Plan – DigitalMarketer

Launch a Scalable Facebook Ad Campaign Today... For Only $10

Ten dollars...

It's not a lot of money these days. In fact, you and a friend would probably spend that, or a little more, buying latte's and some doughnuts at your favorite coffee shop.

But to us, ten dollars is a lot.

That's because we know of THREE specific and proven types of Facebook campaigns that you can launch for just $10 per day.

So here's what that means...

Do you think that you need to budget hundreds or even thousands of dollars to test a new offer?

That used to be the case.

Fortunately, thanks to Facebook, you can get started and actually get statistically significant results... just $10 per day.

Really... for ten dollars a day and a few days of testing, you'll know whether or not your offer is going to succeed.

And when you know you have a winner, you can scale those same campaigns to $100 and even $1,000 per day.

Heck, when it's ROI'ing, the more you can spend, the better. But it all starts with just TEN DOLLARS!

The good news is that it's actually easier than you think to get started, especially when you follow our proven system.

That's Why We Created The $10 a Day Traffic Plan

This is a proven plan to help you quickly roll out new traffic campaigns so you can identify winners...

...but more importantly, identify the losers that are costing you money.

Why would you want to do that?


Most offers and campaigns don't work, but that's where most people focus 100% of their efforts.

See, at DigitalMarketer, we do the exact opposite.

The campaigns we can't make ROI positive at $10 per day are NOT worth our time.

Where we spend most of our time is scaling our winning ads and offers.

However, if we didn't have a way to quickly find out if an offer will work, we wouldn't know what to scale (and would probably scale costly, losing campaigns like too many others do)...

...and that's where the $10 per day traffic and testing plan comes in.

This training covers everything you need to know to get started testing your offers - from audience targeting to ad creation and launching the ad, and more.

No step is left out.

What's Inside The $10 a Day Traffic Plan?

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Ad Copy & Creative

Crafting the Perfect Ad

  • How to create eye catching, high converting ad images even if you're not a designer (or don't have the money to hire one)
  • Exactly what each of your ads should say (In fact we'll just let you copy & paste best headlines to use in your campaigns)
  • The "YOU FORGOT" reminder copy that converts dead clicks into new customers (even after they've already said no to your offer!)
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Targeting Method

Proven Strategy For Laser-Targeting

  • Finally reach the perfect audience with a single question that's guaranteed to improve your targeting
  • Exactly how to differentiate between general audiences and your optimal targets
  • Perfect for the marketer that is sick of their ads showing up in front of people who don't want to see them
  • You'll learn how to reach any market with your ads, no matter the type of business or product
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Building & Scaling Method

Building & Scaling

  • The "6/3/1 ratio" for budgeting your ad spend (to almost guarantee ROI and scale)
  • The perfect bidding strategy for getting the lowest cost per click in your market
  • How to scale vertically AND horizontally to avoid campaign fatigue and to generate scalable results
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Ivy Lane

Ivy Lane
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Haris Reis

Haris Reis
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"Thanks DM! I know more about funnels, pipelines, and marketing than my teacher with a PhD in marketing."

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The $10 a Day Traffic Plan
Computer: The $10 a Day Traffic Plan


  • 21-Step Paid Traffic Roll Out Plan
  • Proven Laser-Targeting Strategies
  • Exactly How To Create The Perfect Ad
  • and much more...