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Digital marketing is constantly evolving…But no matter how much it changes, we believe it can be broken down into 8 critical, core disciplines. Take a few minutes to find out exactly where you stand.

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Your score evaluates your current marketing skills broken down by the 8 core digital marketing disciplines.

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We’ll break down your skills by the 8-core disciplines. Where will you rank? Click HERE to take the quiz.

Tailor Your Training To
Master New Skills

The Full-Stack Marketer Quiz is designed to highlight your marketing strengths as well as your weaknesses. You’ll receive a detailed report of where you need to focus (and more importantly where you DON’T)

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We’ll visualize your marketing skills
PROTIP: Overlap Good, Lack of Overlap Not That Good.
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Using DigitalMarketer’s “Spider Graph” display, you’ll not only see your overall score, but we’ll map out which areas you need to focus on to improve the marketing skills that matter the most to you.

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Self Audits

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Find out exactly where you stand and hone your skills for your next review.

Team Audits

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Identify how well-rounded your team is, where they can improve, and how they can work together better.

Client Audits

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See where you need to start when onboarding a new client. Protip: compare your audit to your clients for better results.