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  • I’m a former career coach, ESL instructor, and podcast host so I understand full well the challenges you might be facing right now when it comes to marketing and growing a coaching practice.
  • I’ve worked with a huge variety of clients; from coaches just starting out and getting their first clients to 8-figure coaches with established team members. This includes BOTH b2c (career coaching, biz-opp, etc). and b2b (executive coaching, workshops, etc.)
  • Before becoming a certified partner and marketing consultant, I was freelance writing for a few years doing all sorts of projects; blogs, cold email outreach, funnel builds, social media etc.
  • Even though I’m a consultant now, I still practice and study copywriting; I have multiple certifications including Funnel Gorgeous Society (Julie Stoian – ex-VP of marketing for ClickFuinels) and Smart Blogger’s Content Marketing Certifcation (Smart Blogger has over 300,000 subscribers and is one of the world’s largest authorities on content marketing).
  • Of course, I also have plenty of certifications from Digital Marketer too (which is how I learned copywriting and grew my coaching practice in the first place)
  • And finally, probably like you, I’m a life-long learner in the personal development space; I’m currently in Optimize’s Coach program (led by Brian Johnson, founder of Heroic) and routinely getting coaching and training on various aspects of personal development to improve my quality of life (Roger Love, Vanessa Van Edwards, Art of Charm etc.)

Company Description

My name is Michael Rincon. For years, I loved coaching as a career coach, but I felt frustrated.

I was inconsistent in attracting my ideal clients. I had to deal with the boring tech stuff like email automation and Zapier triggers. 🤦‍️

So I went on a journey to get this “marketing” stuff handled and realized…

I enjoy writing a lot more than I do coaching! But I noticed that most of my peers in personal development don’t feel that way…

So, I started Winfluential Media to support leaders in the personal development space!

We create conversational marketing content, handle boring tech stuff, and build content plans!

This frees up work for coaches, thought leaders, and content creators…

Allowing them focus on creating transformations, connecting with their audience, and inspiring change.

Digital Marketer's signature 90-Day Grow Accelerator!

The main service I’m offering right now is Digital Marketer’s signature 90-Day Grow Accelerator!

This is a proven program to get you on the path to doubling the size of your business in as little as 90 days.

This program helps coaches, thought leaders and content creators to identify opportunities for growth within your business, and I’ll be working with you and your team directly to implement tools and frameworks specific to
your individual needs.

Are you interested in learning more?

Right now, the best thing to do is shoot me an email directly – and let me know you found me the the Digital Marketer Certified Partner Directory!


Marketing Consultant for Coaches, Thought Leaders, and Content Creators

Michael Rincon, Founder


Content Marketing Specialist, Customer Value Optimization Specialist, Optimization & Testing Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist, Customer Acquisition Specialist


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400 E. Stonewall ST, Unit 311 Charlotte, NC 28203

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