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Based out of Lancaster, PA, our team has decades of experience working with businesses to help them grow. Our team is our strength, and their brainpower is our product.

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Marketing Strategy
DigitalMarketer Certified Partner

Conklin Media

You Should Hire Us If You…

  • Want your business to generate more leads, close more sales, increase customer retention, lower your costs or make your team more efficient
  • Want to showcase your business with a creative design, video, or website that is made to convert
  • Desire complete clarity on the 3 key factors that contribute to business growth: a documented strategy you can use to chart your course, actionable metrics so you know you’re always on track, and effective tools and tactics that bring you new customers profitably and predictably
  • Don’t have the resources or bandwidth to generate and implement a strategic profitable marketing strategy
  • Need guidance to effectively lead and leverage your existing marketing team
  • Would like to communicate your value to potential customers and grow a meaningful relationship that will last for years

Company Description

Based out of Lancaster, PA, our team has decades of experience working with businesses to help them grow. Our team is our strength, and their brainpower is our product.

Many marketing agencies focus on meaningless stats, but we take a look at your business and find real ways for you to grow. Our experts collectively think outside of the box to create profitable strategies and solve all business challenges, not just marketing ones. Because of this, we call ourselves a business growth agency, not a marketing firm.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will make you appear when people are looking for you, and convert their visits to sales or leads. We stay on top of industry trends and offer on-site recommendations and outreach to major publications in your industry.

All SEO starts with great content. Are you being a valuable resource in your industry, or are you yelling into the void? We research your products or services and use propriety methods to write content that is relevant to what your users are looking for. Our strategies are proven to help you rank for many profitable phrases and keywords.

But creating valuable content isn’t always enough. Links from high-ranking sites send traffic to your site and tell search engines that you are an authority in your space. We use white hat techniques to get real, valuable links to your site that will boost your rankings and increase conversions.

There are also dozens of on page elements that determine how a site will rank, including title tags, meta descriptions, alt text, internal linking, schema, page speed, and more. Are you overwhelmed? Don’t be. Our team has seen it all, and done it all.

PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing)

Paid search drives sales. With expertise in display ads, search, retargeting, shopping, and video, we’ll optimize your campaigns and report on our work. You control your budget and will know exactly where you are spending your money.

Ad copy and creatives may get a user to your site, but having a partner who has a complete understanding of your sales or lead funnel can optimize the potential of your paid marketing. We do this by making small tweaks to your product or service, offering valuable content to users, creating up-sells, retargeted offers, and more.

Paid marketing is not a set-it-and-forget-it service. It takes creativity, imagination, and a willingness to test and change in order to succeed. We keep a close eye on the money you spend to maximize the results you receive.

Web & Graphic Design

Good design isn’t surface deep. It’s easy to make something look nice, but if it doesn’t convey your message, explain your value, or solve a problem, it’s not helping your business grow. Our designs have a simple focus—generating leads or sales.


For Kyle, the North Star is always making sure that clients get a clear return on their investment with us. He believes that we have an obligation to be clear about the business results we’re getting and the value that we’re providing, and with the team we have here at Conklin, he’s proud to show off that work.

Kyle Porter, Director of Strategy


Search Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Strategist, Social Media Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, Customer Acquisition Specialist, E-Commerce Marketing Mastery, Customer Value Optimization Specialist, Optimization & Testing Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist, Community Management Specialist, Analytics & Data Specialist


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