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Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products 


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Nir Eyal


Brainstorming your next product? If so, definitely bump this book up in your queue.

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Brainstorming your next product? If so, definitely bump this book up in your queue.

And by “bump it up in your queue,” what I really mean is, “drop everything else and read Hooked right now.”

Nir’s best-selling product design manual teaches the real principles behind product success. Why do some products flop, and others go on to massive success?

The key to a product’s success, Nir argues, lies in the way that product influences consumer behavior. The most successful products aren’t just easy to use—they’re hard not to use. They’re compelling. Un-put-down-able.

And Nir even explains how you can create habit-forming product using his “Hook Method.” The Hook Method consists of 4 main steps:

Trigger: prompt the consumer to take action.
Action: make it easy for the consumer to take action
Variable reward: make the reward inconsistent to make it habit-forming
Investment: get the user to make a small investment in the product

By implementing this process into your own products and marketing campaigns, you can create habit-forming products that keep your customers hooked.



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