Your Facebook News Feed Is Changing . . . Again.

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But this time I doubt we’ll be up in arms against it as Facebookers have been prone to be with past changes.

Last Thursday Facebook announced its plans to introduce a newsfeed that is more content driven. Rather than a newsfeed where everything you’re following is streamed into, we will be seeing tabs that content is organized into appropriate categories. Tabs you can expect to see: Photos, Music, Games, Groups, All Friends, and Most Recent.

The Photos Tab seems to be the focal point here.  With about 50% of Facebook content comprised of photos it only makes sense. It will boast larger photos streaming from both Facebook albums as well as Instagram. This will be the biggest integration Facebook has made with Instagram since it acquired it back in April, 2012.

The Music Tab is rumored to incorporate more as well. What once used to simply stream what your friends are listening too on Rdio or Spotify it now is expected to deliver updates from band pages as well as local shows.

But how do you get the new news feed? Sadly, you may have to wait. But while you do so you can at least get a good idea of what the new features will look like. You can visit Facebook’s About News Feed page to take a look and get your name on the wait list.

Let us know once you’re in . . . and how you like it!

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