Why Self-Publishers Should Get To Know Ganxy

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Until very recently, digital authors had remarkably few allies in their quest to make a living. Basically, Amazon was one of the only friends you could really count on… But that’s changing rapidly, thanks to a handful of new marketing resources.

One of these is Ganxy, a NY-based startup that makes it easy for ebook marketers to showcase and bundle their titles online.

The most obvious benefit of Ganxy is the fact that it offers authors a quick and easy way to create a professional, embeddable ad for their books — for free. (Check out the showcase I created in 5 min at the bottom of this post!) Like KDP, Ganxy operates on a commission-only fee structure that takes 10% of book sales made through Ganxy’s showcase portal.

If you’re an active affiliate marketer, you can even choose to use your affiliate links in the Ganxy platform — Ganxy will display showcases with your affiliate link 75% of the time, and their own 25% (they’ve gotta make some money too).

Another benefit of using Ganxy is that it will track where your sales are coming from, whether it’s your blog, email, Facebook, etc. It’s super important that you know where your sales are coming from, so you know what’s working.

We all know that having multiple titles boosts both credibility and sales, which is why I really like Ganxy’s new “bundling” feature. Readers are prone to buying multiple titles at once, especially online. Especially during the holidays, when there are gift cards to burn and brand new Kindles to fill… hint hint!

As a fellow author, I can assure you that spending money to market your own book is scary. I mean, you’ve already spent a ton of sweat equity just to write/edit/format the thing… only to have to spend more on graphic design, and marketing.

Marketing your own book is still a grind, don’t get me wrong… but at least there are options out there now that you can access with no upfront costs.

“Mule” by Brainlingo on Ganxy

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