What I Learned At The Digital World Expo

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So I just got back from the Digital World Expo in Las Vegas, and frankly I gleaned a ton of info from the other awesome presenters. As you probably guessed, the topic of my presentation was how small businesses and community managers should manage their Facebook Pages. Because, well… that’s what I do.

And as I did my research and preparation, I kept coming back to the importance of developing a visual strategy. That was the first big point I want to emphasize.

Everyone Needs a Visual Strategy

Back when I started managing Facebook “Fan Pages” professionally years ago, things were very different to say the least. Facebook was way more passive; it felt interactive at the time, but relative to today’s FB experience it was basically a bulletin board.

The two biggest changes in FB since then have been EdgeRank and — drumroll please — the visual revolution. The funny thing about the impact of these two forces is that they are very closely linked. Actually, it’s very convenient to social media managers.

Visuals boost engagement. Period. Both online and offline… I’ll explain this more in a sec, but the important thing to keep in mind is this: Visuals = Engagement. And that engagement, in turn, boosts your EdgeRank… which makes more people see your updates.

Do you see how this cycle works?

By using more visual content in your status updates, you’ll get more engagement, and that will boost your Page’s visibility.

After analyzing the most engaging brands on Facebook, I noticed that roughly 80% of their updates included visuals (photos, videos, graphics, etc.). The other 20% were text-based, but was focused heavily on engagement — a question, poll, or announcement.

Basically, what it told me is that brands with a strong visual strategy are leading the pack, and the 80/20 ratio is pretty common.

Video Killed the Status Update

Don’t forget that videos can be even more engaging that photos. The caveat is that the videos you share must be well produced — no boring YouTube style talking to the camera videos.

In the Digital Expo clip below, you can see that I’m sitting at a booth for our company Sellamations. At Sellamations, we produce quick-draw videos (you know, like those UPS videos) precisely because they are among the highest engagement types of videos we’ve found. Video clips from news sources (like the one in this posts) can also be high engagement videos…

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which brings me to my last point. The big Aha! that I took away from the Digital World Expo: All community managers and social media firms should attend ALL relevant conferences as often as possible.

Here’s why: It builds an offline continuity with your online community and gives you the opportunity to get FREE MEDIA. News outlets regularly attend these events and they’re actively looking for experts to interview (that’s how I got in this video).

They need stories and you need visibility… so help each other out. And guess what? If you get on the news, then you have free visual content to post on your social pages!

You might be thinking that your business is too hyper local for that, but your soooo wrong. By attending local conferences, and perhaps getting interviewed by local news affiliates, you’re getting a much more targeted audience… that will get the phone ringing, I assure you.


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  • JellyDog says:

    Hi. My name is Andrez and I like your style. To be honest, this internet experience is very exciting and almost brand new to me.
    I wish you the best in your business.

  • Jenny Wilmshurst says:

    Well done Kate. I enjoyed your points and reflecting past to present.

    Well, well, well, looks like I should put this Expo onto the ‘To Do’ list.
    We’ve been so low profile about generating on of the ‘World’s Biggest Leads from Web 2.0′ …

    Even travelling out of NZ to visit this Expo would be great.

    Having spoken at least 40x I have earned my stripes if I were lucky enough to speak!

    I often am asked to speak to the marketing industry on Social & Mobile which ends up morphing into ‘what is the next big thing in local social mobile video interactive and collaborative’. Bit of a new spin on SoLoMo isn’t it!?

  • Howard Walter says:

    always try to keep your hair PINK that is your brand. People will not know you any other way. to your success!