Want to Work for Facebook? A Few Tips

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You spend a lot of time on Facebook: updating your status, seeing what your friends are up to, getting some news, posting some pics of you at the concert, chatting with friends while watching the Academy Awards, maybe sharing a link to that breaking story about your favorite team in spring training.  You’ve given so much of your time to Facebook: why not consider working for them?

The social media giant, located in Menlo Park, CA, was voted the best place to work last year, ranking higher than even Apple and Google.

Recently Facebook university recruiter Will Barnett fielded questions on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything board.

What does the company look for in an applicant?

Barnett: We look at the whole candidate package – GPA is one signal but never the only signal. Some candidates do well in school and well in our interview process, and get hired. Some have been coding for years before school and work on tons of outside projects and don’t make school/grades a priority. People who can display their actual skills by building real things beyond class projects are very frequently the stronger candidates. Ultimately, we want to hire people that build amazing things and push technologies to new heights.

Other than my school transcript and work history, what else are you looking for?

Barnett:  We love to see everything that you’re working on outside of school – participating in coding competitions, hackathons, building Apps and websites on your own, and internships with other companies are all great things to highlight on your resume to name a few. Anything that shows us your passion for building and shipping great stuff.

What would be a good major for someone who wants to work for Facebook after college?
Barnett:  My advice would be to major in something you are passionate about – and believe you could ultimately have an impact in that field post graduation. That is usually where you will end up having the most success – no matter what you end up pursuing. Do something you love.

Much of our campus hiring focuses on engineering, but we have hired new grads into marketing communications, user operations, payments and risk, monetization, business operations – the list goes on. We post all of our active roles on our career site.

I didn’t go to college, but have some serious abilities.  Would you consider me?
Barnett: It would we weird for us to require a college degree (see Zuck). if you can build awesome stuff and have big impact, that’s all we’re really looking for.

We’re a culture of builders… of hackers. We don’t just expect our engineers to move fast and ship stuff, but everyone is focused on building product and services that create a more open and connected world.

So there you go: a few tips straight from the source.  Not interested in working for Facebook?  Find a company, startup, or nonprofit that intrigues you, and find out from them what it is that makes a great candidate, or find out how to start your own.  Chances are, you can find some tips if you dig.  As they say, the more you know. . .

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