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Viddy Tops 26M Users – Now Who Will Buy It?

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Viddy is officially the ultimate sleeper when it comes to social networks. Without almost anyone noticing, the video sharing app has attracted 26M users and is now valued at $200M, according to Mashable.

Even better, Viddy launched in December of 2010. That growth is pretty phenomenal…

However, it’s not unprecedented. Instagram just did it in roughly the same time span, and was sold to Facebook for $1B. Socialcam launched last September and it already has 36M users (see the WSJ screen shot nearby)!

When you put all of these pieces together, it’s easy to see that the social media landscape is shifting. As the visual revolution picks up steam, hyper-visual sharing apps are exploding. So where are these users coming from?

It certainly looks like users are getting tired of Facebook, looking to spend their time elsewhere. Facebook’s not down and out or anything, but they’re clearly a little concerned.

Lots of experts have raised concerns about Facebook’s ability to grow in the mobile era, and the popularity of so many start-ups like Viddy, Pinterest, and Instagram make it clear that Facebook’s users aren’t satisfied with it’s interface. Users are still fond of Facebook, but it’s now become one of the social networks that they check on a regular basis — not “The Social Network.”

So how will social media giants react? So far, the strategy has been: If you can’t beat ‘em, buy ‘em.

And that’s why I ask: Who will buy Viddy?

Buying users is the topic of Ryan’s post yesterday on Driving Traffic. My question is, users are great, but they can also go away — what’s the value of the app itself?

If users are the goal, then why are Instagram’s 25+M users worth $1B, while Viddy’s 26M are worth $200M?

There are two very probable answers:

  1. Video-sharing is still misunderstood and undervalued.
  2. Video marketers are not yet leveraging the Viddy platform — which means that you can be a pioneer!






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