Upcoming RAW Training: Tap Into The Competition’s Traffic With Ninja Retargeting

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ATTENTION DM LAB MEMBERS: The CPV STALKER training has been rescheduled to Thursday 9/13 at 2PM (central)!

Want to turn your competition’s traffic into your leads? Who doesn’t, right?

You already know that retargeting allows you to address your website’s visitors as they surf around the internet. But did you know that you can use this strategy to target traffic that hits one of your competitors’ site as well?

In our next RAW Training — CPV Stalker: Turn The Competition’s Traffic Into Your Leads — retargeting guru, Julian Farley, will teach DM Lab Members an incredibly powerful strategy that you can use to market directly to your competitors’ leads.

With this strategy, you can use your competition’s traffic to build your list, follow your best leads around the internet, and promote as many products as you want!

After this short training, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to become a relentless CPV sniper, using your skills to hack into your competition’s traffic to build your business.

DM Lab Members: The presentation is set for Tuesday, September 11th at 3PM Central. We can’t wait to see you there! >>> REGISTER HERE <<<

Not a member of DM Labs yet? There’s still plenty of time to sign up before the training. Click here to sign up!




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  • Josh Loposer says:

    Hi Tom, the retargeting training that we mentioned in the CPV Stalker video is called “The Traffic Boomerang,” located in the What’s Working Now section of DigitalMarketer.com

  • Tom Hess says:

    I listened to the CPV stalker session – great stuff, however the speaker keeps mentioning that somewhere on his website there was another session covering ‘Retargetting’ however I could not find it anywhere and since I have never heard about ‘retargetting’ before, I really need to get this training in order for the CPV stalker session to really make sense to me… can anyone point me in the right direction to find the retargetting sessions on this website?