The Speed Of eCommerce: Slow And Getting Slower?

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Have you noticed the lightning fast speeds at which 2012’s e-commerce sites load product photos and process payments?

If your answer is no, that’s because they’re not lightning fast…

According to VentureBeat, load times are actually getting slower. They’ve got it on good authority too. Strangeloop Networks, a website acceleration company, has been diligently testing away with a laptop and a stopwatch for years. Here’s what they found:

Across the board, e-commerce sites are loading 10% slower than they were back in 2010… twenty freaking ten.

The fastest 10 sites, according to Strangeloop, clocked a respectable load time average of 1.93 seconds. Surprisingly, those sites include names like JCrew, Audible, and, which were almost 3.5 Xs faster than the industry average — 6.5 seconds.

In fact, the average load time for Alexa’s top 100 sites is actually slower that the top 100 sites in 2000. You can probably guess the reason why, javascript pages have become a LOT more complex. Often times, these sites aren’t even loading from a single server, but a hodge podge of third-party providers that have been commissioned to hand one service or another.

Basically, eComm designers are constantly pushing the limits on our devices, browsers, and connection speeds… making our consumerist research processes prettier, but slower.

Even though some of the biggest players in e-commerce don’t subscribe to this rule (hint: Amazon), the folks at Strangeloop Networks swear up and down that this formula does bear out as accurate:

faster site speed = fewer shopping cart abandons = more money.


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