The Googleverse Is Exploding

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Considering its relatively small size compared to Facebook, Google+ has managed to generate an incredible amount of media buzz…

Way more than Google Buzz ever did…

Maybe it’s that Facebook has been around for awhile, or that it’s fairly saturated by now — BUT it’s not holding our curiosity the way it did before.

Even in the midst of Facebook’s stupifying IPO, Google+ seems to have all the juice when it comes to the marketing world. WHY?

You don’t have to be a genius to see that when you combine an exploding social network with the world’s largest search network… there’s some potential there.

In January, Google more or less went berserk — rolling out Your World and a streamlined privacy policy that covers pretty much everything you can do in the Google ecosystem and, more importantly, INTEGRATES it.

According to, “Google is dominating the Internet marketplace.” We’re not so sure if that actually qualifies as “news.”

BUT we’re pretty sure that “dominating the Internet marketplace” is where Google has BEEN — not where it wants to GO.

Google is looking beyond the “Internet marketplace,” hoping to become a complete ecosystem where users can do EVERYTHING in their digital lives (including a retail store?), and never feel the desire t leave.

As Compete points out, the +1 landing page pulled in over 40M unique visitors in December. At that time, the growth was already headed for exponential territory… and Google+ was already getting half as much traffic as Twitter.

We know it sounds crazy, but Google+ could actually overtake Twitter by spring break…

Like it or not, we believe one of the biggest drivers is ‘Your World’ (aka Search+). We’ve discussed how Twitter search is an incredible tool for marketers. Well, Search+ is an even more powerful tool.

Integrating Google+ social results into the search engine was a bold but necessary move. Now, it’s energizing the buzz for both marketers and Google+ users.

According to analysts, Google+ could have 400M users by the end of 2012 — that’s about half of Facebook’s in a little over 1 year.

The data is clear, Google’s social media platform is a winner. The best time to get establish is right now.

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