Netflix Blames Outage On Amazon

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If your business involves streaming massive video files, you’re probably familiar with Amazon’s hosting services. We use them.

So if you noticed any video outages on Christmas Eve… it was Amazon’s fault. I doubt that we did, because I don’t think that we’re part of Amazon’s US-East network.

But a lot of Netflix users in the US, Canada, and Latin America are… and they weren’t too happy when they gathered around their connected devices and learned that Netflix was out for as long as 24-hours.

If you’ve ever given/received a Netflix subscription as a Christmas gift, you know what a bummer this situation can be. It’s like, “Merry Christmas… your gift is broken.”

According to Amazon Web Services, a problem with the Elastic Load Balancing service crashed the East Coast network, resulting in a colossal Netflix outage at exactly the wrong time for the popular video streaming service.

To make matters worse, Amazon’s own streaming service, Prime (a direct Netflix competitor), apparently weathered the outage without any service disruptions. Ouch.

The Importance of Backup Plan

Let’s be honest, we’ll never be able to foresee all of the setbacks that can damage our businesses or reputation. Even the most trustworthy systems can suddenly go offline (even AWS), but at least you can have a backup plan in place.

Any seasoned marketer has had a launch disrupted, if not totally ruined, by a technical glitch that he or she couldn’t even control. Sometimes it’s a careless screw up that’s completely YOUR fault, like a incorrect link (it happens to everyone).

It can cost your TONS of money. Typically, you won’t ever know how much revenue you lost in the shuffle.

The best way to manage these hiccups is to devise a backup plan, like multiple merchant accounts, cloud-based backups, etc. Then, you’ve gotta watch your business like a hawk during the peak times like a launch or a big holiday sale.


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