My Weekend Reading List – 4/12/13

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Hey Guys,

It’s that time of year here in Austin where you wear a warm fleece jacket in the morning and need shorts and flip flops for the afternoon. Changing seasons reflect the changing world digital marketing, don’t they? There’s my enlightening thought for the day…

As usual, I’ve got a bank of bookmarked articles and blog posts that I’m going to get into this weekend, and here they are so you can put those brain cells to work yourself:

Sticky Raises $3M To Improve Ad Accountability With Eye Tracking – Interesting fundraising alert: Sticky is helping to collect effectiveness data for online ads with eye-tracking technology. They say an ad isn’t worth squat if no one sees it. Is this the measurement of the future?

Facebook Employees Share Their Favorite Graph Searches – After being asked nicely by Mashable, the gurus over at Facebook gave us an idea of what the new Graph Search can do for users. If you’re still uncertain about what Graph Search is exactly, this will help clear up its intent.

First, Do No Harm – Three Rules for Public Interfaces – The brilliance of Mr. Seth Godin shines through in this blog post, one that explains why he’s not going to wear his glasses in the shower (as only he can). Great stuff.

Aziz Ansari’s Simple 30 Second Marketing Trick – Comedians have started making some interesting business decisions, as seen with both Ansari and Louis CK’s recent self-producing approach to stand up specials. Rohit Bhargava shares two lessons learned from seeing Ansari in the flesh.

Want to weigh in on any of these topics? Wanna add any items to my reading list? Leave me a comment!

Talk soon,

Ryan Deiss


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