My Weekend Reading List – 3/8/2013

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Hey Guys,

Does your business have a blog? Do you have a guest posting strategy in place? My websites launched an amazing new content strategy at the end of 2012 and we’re going to be sharing it in the form of a new training at the end of the month. If you manage a blog, you won’t want to miss it!

Here are a few of the blog posts, articles, and reviews that I’ve got on my reading list for the weekend:

Don’t Accept Guest Posts Unless You Follow These 7 Rules – I’m a big fan of guest blogging. We do it all the time on Digital Marketer. Still, you do need to have a few ground rules or your blog will turn into a pitch fest.

Facebook Adds Open Graph Actions For Books – Actually, the Open Graph updates include movies and TV apps too, but I’m most interested in how this effects ebooks, for obvious reasons.

How Google’s PageRank Algorithm Screwed the Online Writer – It totally did, but that was then… Now that Google is pushing the AuthorRank concept, writers may soon have significantly more leverage.

Macro Trends Don’t Matter So Much – Seth Godin is one of my favorite marketing thinkers, partly because his views are so freaking contrarian. Macro trends don’t matter much? I’m sure he’s got a point, but… Really?

How To Make Video Blogs Interesting – Need a few quick pointers to make your marketing video more engaging? Our video guru, Kamie Dorris, has some ideas for you.

Got something to add? I’d love to hear your thoughts about the reading list… Go leave me a comment!

Talk soon,

Ryan Deiss

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  • Carol Brennan says:

    Ryan, I need to get in touch with you to ask you some questions. I have not been able to start my writing before now, but I am ready to do so now and I am a member of your group. If we could just email back and forth a few times, it would help me a lot. Thanks so much! Carol

  • mariana says:

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  • Christine says:

    Um , did she say “invest in a small crane?” Did I hear that correctly? Whatever the word was, she said it would fit on most tripods and increase production value…thanks! Loved the video tips!

  • Judy says:

    I look forward to “My Weekend Reading List” every week. I always get great stuff that I can use right away. Thanks everyone for your great leadership in using social media.