My Weekend Reading List – 1/4/2013

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Hey Guys,

I’m back from the holiday break and ready to hit it hard in 2013, starting with our 4th annual Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Francisco! We’ve got an amazing lineup of speakers this year, like William Shatner, Guy Kawasaki, Tucker Max, Perry Belcher… and of course yours truly. You really, really don’t want to miss it!

Here are a few of the articles, blog posts, etc. that I’ll be checking out as I put together my notes for San Francisco:

Revolutionary Study: We Prove That Tweets Do Affect Rankings – Come on, of course they do! For the past 18 months, pretty much every Google update has been about integrating social sharing into search rankings. As usual, the folks at Google won’t tell us what they’re looking for.

Where Do You Think An Ebook Should Start? – I usually start my Kindle books with the book cover, but who knows if that’s the best way. This is a great thing for all aspiring authors/publishers to split test.

10 Drop Shipping Resources – If your business plan involves selling physical goods in 2013, you really need to research drop shipping as an option. Luckily, Practical Ecommerce put all the information into one post for you.

How to Convert Blog Readers Into Customers – With inbound marketing, it all starts with the content — in this case your blog — but then what? You’ve got the traffic, but you’ve got to figure out how to get those visitor to convert!

Want to weigh in on any of these topics? Wanna add any items to my reading list? Leave me a comment!

Talk soon,

Ryan Deiss

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  • Carlos M. Gonzalez says:

    Man I wish I could be there at the Conference but then I really need to stick to what I know best, Chiropractic and continue writing and producing material for all my products. I really liked the How To Convert Blog Readers To Customers article. Great content Ryan and THANK YOU cuz you just motivated me to start a monthly Webinar. Once I get things going then I’ll do it weekly. That was an excellent article full of How To information! Muchas Gracis mi amigo en Austin.

  • John Preston says:

    Ryan – Do you know your reading list is worth $30 a month. This is valuable stuff!
    I’d like to come ot T &N C but anything befor the end of April and I can’t get away. So – another time. Have a great year!

  • arody says:

    yo lo que quiero que me digan cuando boy a empezar