My Weekend Reading List – 12/21/2012

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Hey Guys,

Today’s either the last day of life on Earth, or the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere… Either way, it’s officially 4 days until Christmas, and 10 days until New Year’s Eve! That said, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas, happy New Year, and joyous whatever the heck else you may be celebrating!

I hope you get some time to kick back, relax, maybe read some articles on a new mobile device? ‘Tis the season for new toys, right? Here are a few of the articles, blog posts, etc. that I have bookmarked to read over the long weekend:

Disrupting Amazon: Rethinking eCommerce – You can’t beat Amazon by simply copying it. Another eCom giant will eventually beat Amazon’s model… but they won’t do it until they can disrupt Amazon’s model. Most companies are trying to do what Amazon does, only better. And let’s face it, that’s not working.

2013: The Year of the Online Writer – Good news, writers. Content marketing is going to be red hot in 2013. And you can’t really have content marketing with out first having content — that’s where you come in. Get ready to swoop in and write some heroic copy in the new year. I’m pretty sure Copyblogger isn’t just saying that to be self-serving…

Programmer Begins Selling 100,000 eBooks on Amazon with New Algorithm– I have no doubt that a algorithm can write a book. My question is: Can that book really be worth reading? Who the heck’s got time to read a boring book these days?

When I first heard the name “Safari” – I love stories about naming things, especially products, because it used to be so hard for me. It still is, actually. Why is it so freakin’ hard to name things? Maybe that’s why it feels so good when you finally settle on a winner.

Want to weigh in on any of these topics? Wanna add any items to my reading list? Leave me a comment!

Talk soon,

Ryan Deiss

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  • Nita Couch says:

    I read all of the reading list and only have one question. From the writer about CopyBlogger I felt a lot of his articles were against WordPress. Am I just reading it all wrong? Nita Couch

  • Lee Page says:

    Tis’s the season to reflect on what you did right or wrong to make the new year better going forward for that matter.

  • Persijs says:

    .. alas, how boring all this sound….

  • Carroll Brown says:


    First, I would suggest “Prophesy” by Robert Kawasaki. Next, check out the Investor’s Admisory by Porter Stansberry. He’s online and it deals a great deal with what happening in the near future.

    Second, I subscribed to Mike Filsaime’s “Micromodel Business Systems on November 25 and received several emails from you in the following weeks. Unfortunately, my computer crashed and I did not have that data backed up.Oops. Could it be possible for you to resend them? Including buying your book on Kindle I seem to remember that you had other interesting things to say.

    Have a good’n
    Carroll Brown

  • orvel says:

    Great quick-read articles. Just reminded me how ‘untouchable’ Amazon has become. How can other companies compete with them?! Thanks for the reads.

  • Leanda Kayess says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I’ve been following you for a while now, and love your weekend reading list!
    You asked for additions to your list, and mentioned that we have just crossed the Mayan calendar end date. My Mayan friend has explained that we are moving into a new cycle, starting with a move to consciousness. I’ve been working on a book about consciousness and money for the past 12 months. I published an extract for parents in time for the ‘shift’ (overnight here in Australia). It’s a short but practical read perfect for the holidays. Perhaps you can add it to your weekend reading list? It will be free on Kindle from 26/12, or $2.99 to purchase otherwise. Would love to hear your thoughts. Kind regards, Leanda Kayess

  • Hal W says:

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    Educational Director

  • Anthony J Gargiulo Sr 80 AKA tony acro says:

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  • Dr Carlos M Gonzalez says:

    2013: The Year of the Online Writer -sounds like music and money to my ears and eyes! This is going to be the year when I finally publish and market my books, products, seminars and much more thanks to you, LionCrest Publishing and Idea Incubator!

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  • Charlene Wise says:

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  • Jill Schaefer says:

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