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Multitasking The Super Bowl [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is nothing sacred? Not even football?

Not even… the SUPER BOWL!?

According to a new study by Velti, this year’s match-up between the Patriots of New England and the New York football Giants will be the most distracted Super Bowl in history. A full 60% of those surveyed told researchers that they actually PLAN to use a mobile device during the big game.

Really? Who actually plans to use their mobile device? For me, it just kinda happens.

Think about this shift for a moment. For years, the only distractions that were allowed to go on during football viewing were: beer, remote controls, and cheese dip.

But times have changed. I for one use my iPad constantly during my Saturday afternoon college football viewing… there are a TON of games to keep up with.

What’s it all mean? As I’ve been hammering away at on this blog, it means that TV is losing your attention. Because here’s the thing, it’s no longer all about viewership numbers — it’s about ATTENTION.

Mobile is getting it. TV is losing it. Visionaries are trying to merge it back together.

For years, TV has been all about push messages out. Sure, you could call that 1-800 number and order a discount pizza during the Super Bowl, but most people don’t.

With the opportunity to click buy during a Super Bowl commercial — via your iTV or maybe an integrated device — marketers are hoping to change the game.

Literally, they’d like to change the GAME. Every game on TV, but especially the Super Bowl.

Clearly, the consumer behavior is already there. Innovators simply need to figure out how to bridge the divide…

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