Marketing Convention Shows What’s Working Now in the Digital Realm

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The marketing convention hosted by Digital Marketer next month will give entrepreneurs and online business owners the keys to finding out what’s working now in digital marketing. The 2013 Traffic and Conversion Summit, being held in San Francisco, California January 18-20, will be a content-driven, strategy-improving event for the eager and determined marketer.

The team that operates Digital Marketer is hosting its fourth annual Traffic and Conversion Summit, and promises the 2013 version to be bigger and better than anything that has ever claimed to help out digital marketing techniques.

Led by DM founder Ryan Deiss and his partner Perry Belcher, the digital marketing event has been regarded as a must by the thousands of people who have attended in the past.

Some of the industry’s top marketers will vouch for the Traffic and Conversion Summit’s benefit, because they themselves have made the event a part of their further education in best marketing practices. Year after year, they return to find out the latest methods DM has come up with to improve conversions, increase online sales, and reach an ever-changing customer base as the internet age moves well into the Twenty First Century.

The digital marketing conference has been attended by people like Kamal Ravikant, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor and author of “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It.”

Ravikant has said the Traffic and Conversion Summit was the only digital marketing conference he’d been to where he took notes the entire time. “These guys don’t hold anything back,” said Ravikant of Deiss and Belcher.

Bill Glazer, founder of the Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle, was quoted as saying “This is the only event I’m coming to this year… These people deliver real content the whole time.”

Martin J. Fischer is the founder and creator of Waiternomics, and he said “I attended last year’s Traffic and Conversion Summit in Austin, it was not only a great educational event, it was a rare opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world.”

If that isn’t enough to persuade potential attendees, more testimonials can be found on Digital Marketer’s YouTube page. The event is can’t-miss, even for some of the biggest names in the marketing business. This is the chance to rub shoulders with the titans of the industry, and make the sort of connections and applications that can change a marketing strategy for the better.

Digital Marketer knows what it take to put on a marketing convention, and the 2013 Traffic and Conversion Summit will deliver just what’s needed to start implementing the things that are working now.

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