Live Digital Marketing Event Slated to Hit San Francisco in January

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The live digital marketing event known as the Traffic and Conversion Summit is scheduled for January 18-20, 2013 in San Francisco, California. It is being organized by Ryan Deiss and his team at Digital Marketer, the industry-leading online marketing firm that strives to bring audiences the greatest content available.

The 2013 Traffic and Conversion Summit will include can’t miss information from the top of the marketing chain, and involve many of the highest-grossing and most successful marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs in the country.

Attendees of the Summit will be able to rub shoulders with the smartest minds in the industry, and absorb a huge about of workable, applicable content that can directly and instantaneously improve their online business practices.

Three days filled with marketing expertise make up the Traffic and Conversion Summit, and those who participated in previous internet marketing conferences hosted by Digital Marketer know how incredibly powerful they can be. Deiss and his group of marketing experts are at the front of the line when it comes to what’s working now. They’ve dived deep into the strategies and approaches to online marketing, know exactly how to increase opt-ins, subscriptions, or any other measurable online dynamic.

That’s why live events hosted by Digital Marketer are so great; they aren’t asking for people to buy things or churning out data that can’t be turned into action. Every piece of information shared at the Traffic and Conversion Summit will not only be a tried and true strategy already proven effective by DM, but also a process that can be applied to any online business, with promises of ultimate success.

There are things that could literally kill an online business if it isn’t prepared to take them on, and that’s what the Traffic and Conversion Summit is all about. It doesn’t rehash old ideas or comment on how successful something used to be. Instead, it focuses on the future, and how businesses can ready themselves for the changes to come.

The Traffic and Conversion Summit is an opportunity to learn from real marketers, who live and breathe their craft day in and day out. The digital marketing event sells out every year, and over half of every year’s participation also attended previous events. They know why they can’t miss out, and are sure to be there for the next round of effective information.

Digital Marketer puts on a fantastic event, year after year, and wants to make sure everyone has the opportunity to attend to help their business grow. For more information on the live digital marketing event of the year, be sure to visit

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