[INFOGRAPHIC] The 5-Step Sales Funnel

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Any good business model needs to have a well-executed, easily navigable process to get customers from point A to point B, seamlessly and effortlessly. Customers need to feel they are receiving what they deserve, whether it’s a new idea, a step-by-step instructional piece, or a concrete, successful end result.

Sales funnels are customizable and expandable, but defined below is a fine-tuned, five-step process we’ve found to be the best, most optimized procedure for you to accomplish your objectives.

Click image to view the full-size infographic.

A full explanation, with step-by-step instructions and tips for optimizing the sales funnel, can be found in our Execution Plan, The 5-Step Sales Funnel, exclusive to Digital Marketer Lab members. Find out how to join and access the Execution Plan here.

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