How To Keep Your Customers After The Holidays [PART 1]

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It happens all too often at this time of the year: eCommerce store owners get whipped into a frenzy trying to get everything ready for the holiday season.

A list of questions races through their heads. Are my holiday promotion emails written? Does my drop shipper have everything in stock? Are my ad campaigns (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Retargeting, etc.) set up and ready for the holidays? Do I have enough customer support?

The list of questions goes on — I know because I am one of those store owners right now.

With all the madness of the holiday season it can be easy to overlook possibly the biggest opportunity that comes with the holiday sales rush: The opportunity to turn your new holiday customers into repeat customers down the road.

Setting your store up for repeat business is one of the easiest ways to increase your bottom line. In the 1-month period shown in the image below, more than half of our visitors to that site (13,601) are returning visitors (people who visited the site at some point before the selected time period).

These returning visitors generated 56% of the revenue for that month. That means that over half of the revenue that month came from people who engaged with us sometime in the month (or months) prior.

So, how are we doing it? And how do you get your customers to come back, engage with you again, and purchase your products month after month?

Here are 2 strategies you can use to increase repeat engagement (HINT: Check the DM Blog for 2 more strategies next week):

#1: Introduce your customers to someone from your brand or company.

A good post-purchase customer retention/branding strategy should start immediately after the purchase.

Add a video on your Thank You page, and below it place a Facebook “like” box for your company. In the video, thank your customer for purchasing, and also encourage them to join your community on Facebook.

We are finding that roughly 50% of people will like a fan page straight from the Thank You page post purchase. And when you get your customers involved in your Facebook community, you’ll have the opportunity to share things of interest with them (we’ll get to that strategy later). Example:

#2: Include a package insert with your shipment.

If you are warehousing & shipping your own products this is a bit easier to pull off. That said, I have yet to run into a drop shipper who wouldn’t include a slip of paper along with all orders going out. Here are the main elements you should include on the insert:

a) Discount coupon for future order, with encouragement to share that coupon with friends.

b) Invitation to join your Facebook community by liking your company’s Facebook page.

c) A heads-up that you will be emailing them with content other than sales promotions (more on this in step 4).

The insert can be a simple piece of paper, a post card, or whatever you want. If you are going the post card route, we’ve found to be a good low-priced printing service.

Set up a special coupon code that you only use on the inserts so that you can track the usage.


If you want your store to be around for a while, you must look beyond the point of sale. By creating relationships with your customers you can become a trusted source of information about the products you offer as well as related topics of interest. Broadening the scope of your interaction with your customers increases the significance your brand takes on their lives—and that makes the decision to buy from you instead of some other faceless store an easy one.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article! Please leave any comments or questions below!

P.S. Don’t forget to tune in next Tuesday for “How To Keep Your Customers After The Holidays [Part Two]!”

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  • Dave Fairbairn says:

    Great article Ezra.
    Really like the idea of having a thank you video on the thank you page, and the postcard with the package. Another strategy to encourage repeat customers is to follow up on a purchase with a personal (not automated) email making sure they’re happy with the product. This might be a good time to reinforce the postcard content as well.

  • Hey Ronald!

    I don’t know much about affiliate marketers using pinterest to make money other than the folks using software to autopost pictures of products with amazon links in them. They then make an affiliate commission if anyone goes through that pin to amazon and purchases.

    That is one way to use pinterest but it’s not what I would recommend. Pinterest is a great tool and can be used for marketing an eCommerce site, ranking images, & building authority and social signals to your website.

    Create new images for each of your blog posts and post them to pinterest, title them with KW’s you’d like those pins to rank for. Post all of your eCommerce product images to pinterest as well (be sure to modify them in some way if they are manufacturer images) you’ll be surprised by the amount of traffic you get from pinterest if your images are named properly.

    For affiliate marketing – your time is better spent creating valuable content: reviews, how to’s, etc. of the products you’d like to promote as an affiliate.

  • Ronald Breland says:

    What can you share about how affiliate marketers are using Pinterest to make money online? And is it a good tool to use? Thanks Happy New Year 2013!!!!