How Mobile Is Changing Ecommerce

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Mobile users now account for 1 in every 8 web visits, according to analytics giant comScore. And if you believe that ratio is going anywhere other that straight through the roof, you’re crazy.

According to Practical eCommerce, almost 70% of that traffic comes from smartphones. While smartphone traffic is going to continue to grow at a breakneck pace, tablet traffic is going to absolutely explode in 2013. With the iPad Mini, Kindle HD, Microsoft Surface, Galaxy Tab, etc., the volume of tablet traffic is about to undergo a massive expansion.

The thing is, even though we all know how big mobile is getting, a huge segment of us have done nothing to make our sites more accessible to smartphone and tablet users. It’s so dumb… and we know it too.

Want some more bad news? These tablet users have very high expectations. They want quick load times, design, and clarity… and why shouldn’t they?

According to StrangeLoop’s research, most users expect a page to load within 4 seconds. After 5 seconds, users will bounce. Here’s the real kicker: Most of the sites that Strangeloop tested took between 7 and 8 seconds to load!

If you own any kind of ecommerce business, you know what this means. It means that lots and lots of leads bounce before your site even loads. Only a user with serious intent is going to wait for a ridiculously long load time.

The same is true of sites that don’t have a mobile-friendly format. I know that when I land on a site that look particularly horrible and hard-to-navigate on my iPad, I bounce.

I’m not going to go so far as to say that you must launch a mobile version of your website, because there are other one-size-fits-all options available. They work pretty well too.

According to Stangleloop Networks, 33% of online businesses don’t have a mobile-ready version, certainly not a tablet-ready version of their site. That’s just leaving money on the table.

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  • Bob From Holland says:

    Any tips on how to getting fastest load times? Any good links/infosources on this? Am Dm Lab member (and happy to be) good idea to park videos etc at Amazon s3 for speed? Hostgator good choice for hosting regarding speed? Any tips are very welcome. Thanx, anyone. Bob from Holland

  • Ron says:

    I know you are right on, Josh. So….how do we get started adapting our sites to a more “mobile/tablet” format? Thanks for the article!

  • Barbara says:

    Hey, Josh ~ thanks for reminding us! I have a mobile version of my site but I need to have (at least)one irresistible product for SALE with a big BUY NOW button.

    Hey, wait. Um, I don’t even have that on my regular website. ;-(