Hey Startups, This Meme Has Your Number

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Sure, hilarious cat memes are way overdone, but they have their place… and sometimes they can actually be way helpful.

Like when they politely inform you that your startup pitch sucks. And the way I see it, unless you’re the next Billy Mays, your pitch probably does suck. It’s a given…

It may seem pessimistic or defeatist, but it’s actually a good perspective to have because ALL of us need to practice pitching our ideas. Even the best need practice…

That’s the purpose of PitchPhone, a new service designed to make your elevator speech simpler, better, and sexier (hat tip: TechCrunch).

In a nutshell, you call PitchPhone > it grills you about your startup idea > you realize that your pitch sucks = you learn how to make it better.

According to PitchPhone’s website, “Pitch Phone forces you always to be ready to pitch. It turns pitching into a daily habit.”

You can either call PitchPhone +1 (209) 215-2160, or have it call you at random times throughout the day to catch you unprepared. It’s really a pretty brilliant idea, and it even has a free trial offer.

Here’s the thing, even if you are trying to find VC money for your startup, you may not need to turn pitching into a “daily habit.”  For most of us, that seems a little excessive.

However, if you really want to sell any idea, be it a startup, a screenplay, or a kickball league, you’ve gotta get that message really sharp if you want to cut through the clutter. You’ve got to explain what it does for people… not how it works, or who will use it. For example, “Pitch phone will help you find funding for your startup!”

The EXACT same things are true about writing good marketing copy. You must be concise. You must be relevant. You must be benefit-driven.

No one has time to listen to your sucky pitch (except the folks at PitchPhone).

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