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Get YouTube views for personally created videos, and the end effects can be worth much more than the resources put into it. When videos are created with a strong consideration for their main purpose, instead of a funny animal antic or irrelevant opinion, their advantages speak for themselves.

Digital Marketer is launching its revolutionary Special Report “YouTube Google Hack: How to Rank Any YouTube Video Number One on Google in Three Days,” and with it marketers are learning how to create and publish effective YouTube videos for personal branding, online business improvement, and web traffic generation.

The beautiful part of the “YouTube Google Hack” process is that, despite its catchy name, it is a perfectly legal and respectable way to leverage the two web giants into an online marketing strategy. Google owns YouTube, which naturally leads it to reveal videos from the site high in Google search rankings. Basically, it helps a video get more YouTube hits free.

With a few simple tricks, YouTube videos will rank higher than established 10 year old webpages in a matter of a few days. Of course, this only works if the best practices inside the “YouTube Google Hack” Report are followed.

An article from recently discussed how because of YouTube’s revamp late last year, the trend is moving away from casual viral videos and towards more serious, informative, and entertaining content.

“YouTube is one of the constants of the Internet: While the digital landscape hasn’t stopped changing, the site has managed to stay relatively true to its origins – but that’s a problem now that Google wants to turn it into a more professional platform,” said the article.

That’s all the more reason to ensure your videos are optimized to the tenth degree, and are priming the pump of web traffic, brand recognition, and sales lead generation. Marketers know how important these aspects of a particular business are, and will be surprised at how succinctly YouTube can take care of each of them.

The “YouTube Google Hack” Special Report shows video producers and uploaders how to title, describe, and tag their content so Google searchers (as well as their keyword-scooping algorithms) can easily find and watch it. Amazingly, there isn’t even a camera needed for many of the creation techniques the Special Report suggests. Simple and effective methods for making a successful YouTube video can be applied by people with little to no production experience.

Digital Marketer knows what kind of strategies make the biggest difference to the bottom line, and this Special Report is full of information that will optimize videos for the best end results. More often than not, those results involve a measureable increase of the most important business indicators. When businesses want to get YouTube views, following the formula of the “Google YouTube Hack” will give them all the power they need.

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