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If you like to frequent the trendy marketing sites like I do, you’ve probably noticed that everyone seems to be talking about content marketing these days.

Content marketing sounds really sophisticated and polished, but what most of these writers are really recommending is, essentially… promoting your blog.

Simply put, content marketing means posting free, high-quality content that brings users to your site… so you can market to them.

That sounds great, in theory. In practice, however, it’s not that simple. You still need traffic. Otherwise, your awesome content won’t get read… and you won’t get to market to all those users.

You see, most people forget that blogging is really a form of social media. Before there was Facebook, or Twitter, there was blogging. When executed well, blogging is intensely social. That’s why comments and sharing are so important.

More writers, more posts, more readers

Even if you’re writing an extremely niche-y business blog, it’s important to remember that guest blogging is one of your best tools for boosting readership.

The reasons are simple; guest blogging opens up your blog to new perspectives, new writing styles, and new traffic. And let’s face it, we all want more traffic on our blogs… that’s why we post.

Consider it in terms of reach for a second. Say you write an absolutely brilliant blog post each day, and then hit “publish.” If your site doesn’t get much traffic, then no one will know how freaking brilliant you are. All those posts are just getting buried.

Guest blogging is the cheapest solution — because it’s usually FREE. But it’s also the best solution for a bunch of other reasons…

Seek out guest blogging opportunities

When you contact the editor of a new blog (preferably one relevant to your niche), you’re effectively networking. If they’ve never heard of you or your blog before, now they have. That’s valuable.

If they agree to publish your content, then you’re effectively tapping into their traffic. Now, all the traffic that visits that site will have a chance to discover you and your blog. They may even click on your link to visit your content marketing hub…

Then, all of the sudden, SHAZAAM, you’re getting fresh traffic! And your content marketing strategy begins to ROI…

You might be surprised at how many high-traffic sites regularly publish guest content. You never really know until you ask.

Recruit guest bloggers

Here’s something else that works to your advantage. All bloggers are pretty much in the same boat — we all want more traffic to come discover our genius content.

The great thing about guest blogging is that it’s mutually beneficial to both the guest blogger and the hosting blog. As the editor of the blog, guest bloggers give you free content (that you didn’t have to write).

That’s one of the biggest benefits of having a page of Guest Blogger guidelines on your site (feel free to use ours as a template).

This also gives you a great tool for outreach. Leverage social media to alert the guest blogger’s audience that they’ve posted to your site (you should encourage the guest blogger to do the same, of course).

Lastly, you get something that’s even more valuable. You can call it “influence” or “authority,” or whatever you prefer…

The point is that, by engaging in the conversation with other relevant bloggers, your blog benefits from getting new voices, new perspectives, and greater overall relevance. This is what transforms a blog from just a personal diary… to a resource.

Got some guest blogging ideas to add? Share your tips and tricks on the blog… Leave me a comment!

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    Always enjoy your emails Ryan. As Marketing Director of a Real Estate and Hard Money Loans family owned & run company here in Northern California, your tips and articles have been a great help to building our own client database, smart SEO/SEM activities and, surprisingly enough, increased my “blonde brain” to a “brunette brain”! So thanks. Ari – Flipper Chick & Hard Money Gal

  • Lorena Stanley says:

    In your Guest Blog Guidelines, you mention you have just one rule, the content must be original. Are you referring to original as in they wrote the piece OR original as in they have not posted this same content on their own site already (ie syndicated content)?

    • Josh Loposer says:

      I agree that’s confusing… thanks for pointing that out! DM guest content must be written by the guest blogger. We will allow syndicated content from time to time, provided that it’s extremely relevant and current.

  • Sheila Norén says:

    Good afternoon,

    That is absolutely the best simple marketing idea I have ever heard.

    Like all really good ideas it’s simple!

    It’s also quite easy to start a natural growth progression ~ 1 guest blogger will effortlessly lead to the next & so on.

    Brilliant idea!


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