DM Quick Tip: Formatting The Perfect Facebook Post

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Like most marketers on Facebook, here at DM we sometimes get hung up on the big analysis questions (e.g. what’s a Like really worth?) and we forget that all of the Likes, comments, etc. are actually feedback…

All the engagement and reach that we like to obsess over is actually a result of our posts.

As marketers, sometimes we need a reminder that all those nifty Facebook Insights are a function of our own FB posts. So, if we want those numbers to move in the right direction, then we need to create better, more engaging posts.

In order to help us accomplish, our very own social media guru, Luis Ramirez, has distilled all of his FB smarts into one short DM Quick Tip video entitled “How To Format The Perfect Facebook Post.”

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When posting to your Timeline, the three most important things to remember are:

  1. A link-shortening tool (preferably with tracking capabilities, like Bitly)
  2. A super amazing/engaging/share-worthy photo. Obviously, this is extremely important, but hard to define.
  3. A short and snappy blurb, 140 characters or less, that gets users interested in your content.

For more tips on how to get an ROI out of your Faebook page, check out Nick Unsworth’s webinar on Tuesday August 7th at 8PM CST.

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  • Troy says:

    In regards to SEO, does Google/fb recognize the url behind the shortened bitly link? Meaning…I like to use the domain (especially if it’s the keyword) when referencing info in a fb post to gain juice from fb and spread around the domain/site…of course, as long as it’s short enough and only from my website. So, how does the search engines see/rank a shortened url? I personally don’t like shorteners and like the professional look of the actual domain/page. What say you??