The State Of The Buying Cycle [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Remember that old graphic called the “Buying Cycle” from Marketing 101? It was basically a flowchart that had things words like “Awareness” and “Evaluation” on it?

It doesn’t matter, because either way, you can chunk it…

Thanks to advances in digital marketing, that old flowchart has so many new stages, complications, bypasses, and loops that even a pretty elaborate infographic can barely contain it. To put it simply, the more advanced you become as a marketer, the more maze-like your marketing process can become…

Techniques like social media marketing and retargeting are both aimed at adding a pre-awareness, post-research, and post-purchase step to the process. In fact, even a good buying funnel can create additional steps in the buying process.

The most important component of the buying cycle that hasn’t changed one bit is the need for relevancy. As in, each ad or email in your campaign has to address the user in a way that’s relevant to where they are in the buying process…

The biggest difference between now and pretty much any other time in marketing history is that we have never had this many ways to personalize our outbound messages. Like never before, we can gather data that helps us understand where a prospect might be in the buying cycle, then tailor our messages directly to that stage.

In his RAW Training, our resident funnel guru, Richard Lindner, calls this phenomenon “Psychic Sales Design” (membership req’d). The truth is, funnels are no longer static. As a digital marketer, creating “psychic” sales funnels is your job — whether it’s with retargeting cookies, email autoresponder series, or your upsell process.

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