Digital Content Soars At B&N… Nook Nosedives [INFOGRAPHIC]

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More good news for digital authors… Barnes & Noble’s customers are showing some strong demand for digital content, even when Nook sales are lousy.

I say that’s good news, because despite the Nook’s crappy sales numbers, B&N’s digital content sales rose 46% over last year. It’s clearly not good news for B&N’s Nook division. Hopefully, the Nook’s impending UK launch will help those numbers.

Actually, the digital content sales are more impressive when you take the Nook-dive into account. Even with the Nook losing the little market share it has, the demand for digital content is so strong — even on — that even the Nook’s sagging sales figure can’t hold it down.

The timing of this news couldn’t be any better for us, as we’re right smack in the middle of launching the Number One Book System here at Digital Marketer. It really points to where we’re at right now in the evolution of digital publishing — we’re right at the tipping point where we can be certain that e-books are not simply a fad, but a viable growth industry.

And while NOBS is aimed at Kindle primarily, we’re really trying to engage the entire digital publishing market, from iTunes to Amazon to B&N. The question worth asking here is whether or not you, the digital author, should bother formatting your ebook for the Nook. I think so, despite the poor sales.

In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t own a Nook… or even have any close friends that do. That said, I don’t have a very good perspective on whether the Nook is at competitively.

Do any of you guys have a Nook? If so, what do you think about it?

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  • Cedric says:

    I have a nook color the first edition and love it!And am in the market for a tablet this time.I have look at both the kindle hd and the nook hd and hvae compared them both by there specs on the 7 inch vertions.What I love about the kindle is the amazon store its right a there with the play store by google if not better.But the nook has more features that I can’t live without,like its high resolution beats the kindle.It clocks a little faster than the kindle and is liter.I do have to mintion that the kindle does have the nook beat on capacity (32 vs 16 on price that is) that was one of the biggest deal breakers when I first bought the nook,kindfle didn’t have any it just had the cloud.But all in all I will be getting the nook hd.

  • Timothy says:

    We have a Nook, a Kindle Fire and an iPad.

    Bought the Nook Color first last fall, the KF when it launched late in 2011 and the iPad earlier in the summer of 2012

    The Nook is fine and probably has a niche, female audience readership if I had to guess. It was perfectly fine for what its. A solid ebook device. I would also guess that those with them are committed to that format and probably buy a decent amount of books (as evidenced by your reported B&N sales growth despite the Nook sales being meager). They may not want to give up their device and their purchases/library to jump ship over to an iPad or Kindle. Let alone having to but another device.

    I loved the KF til we got an iPad (mostly for screen size) but I will admit I read my books in the Kindle app on the iPad rather than purchasing books in iBooks. Like a Nook reader I kinda like having all my stuff in one place so to speak, rather than delve into the iTunes/iBook world. Kinda silly probably but you know what I mean. It’s the reason I’m guessing those committed to the Nook don’t want to leave that ecosystem.

    With that said, I see no reason not to publish in all 3 formats to hit as wide of an audience as possible.

    Oh, make that 4. What about the Google Play store and the Nexus tablets.