BazaarVoice Acquires eCom Platform

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Earlier this week, Austin-based marketing and analytics firm BazaarVoice announced the acquisition of Longboard Media, an eCom ad company with clients like Best Buy,, Newegg.

According to the folks at Tech Crunch, Bazaar needs to work some balance sheet magic — they posted an $18.5M loss in the first quarter of 2012 — and eCom might just be the most reliable way to generate actual revenue.

In a recent AdWeek, I remember reading a story about how digital media agencies are getting “anti-social,” i.e. they want to transition away from doing social media and closer to what really matters to clients: Sales.

The trend is unmistakable — digital marketing firms are making big moves towards the world of eCom… because it’s a proven model and impacts profitability in a direct way.

Oddly enough, our faith in the sale of real, physical products has apparently been restored. Are we losing our faith in monetizing the ether?

Just a few short months ago, the undefined, unknowable, and intangible value of the concepts like monetizing engagement and daily deals was all the rage. But as we’ve watched Groupon, Zynga, and Facebook struggle to make those lofty ideas pay off, companies like Apple and Amazon have continued to roll.

Is it a coincidence that these companies are built on delivering actual products (physical and digital), and not a hazy concept of monetizing a bunch of user interactions?

The same trend is reflected at Idea Incubator, the mothership from which Digital Marketer was launched. In August, Idea Inc unveiled a new plan to refocus its efforts on e-commerce and product development, leveraging our social media and marketing properties to boost our eCom profile.

At the time, it seemed revolutionary. Now, it seems to be a growing movement. Great minds thing alike?

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